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Making Space for Change

woman standing in a stormy day

There are times in our lives when things unfold in ways that are unpredictable, even messy. Taking us by surprise and putting us off balance. But times of transformation are often like this. They’re wild journeys that push us to change and grow. They call for both our surrender and our willingness to face the storm head-on.

When things seem beyond our control, the surrendering is essential. When we surrender, we aren’t giving up. We’re making a choice to let the storm move, and pass. When our instinct is often to push or force, maybe we’re meant to let go, step back, and give space. Trust.

From this vantage of detached involvement, we’re both a participant and an observer at the same time. We can begin to see the ways we can alter the situation. From one that feels out of control to one that feels more manageable – even generative. 

We discover that curiosity can help us navigate the unpredictable.

When you find yourself in a storm of unpredictability

How do you stay grounded?

How do you become more detached and curious?

Is it possible for you to even enjoy parts of the experience?


As you surrender to and embrace all that is feeling messy, consider that you’re making space for change. For new insights to reveal themselves to you. 

What can seem like an impossible situation, may become a potent offer for growth and transformation.


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