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You may be curious how therapy can help you. You may want to connect to optimize your wellness. You may be feeling held back by old patterns. You may be facing a mental health struggle. Wherever you may be, you have the tools you need to transform your life. Through an intentional process of active exploration and spacious reflection, I'll help you gain awareness and strength in yourself.

The Virtual Clinic

I've been working as a clinician for many years. I can hold the space for you, regardless of what you bring. All sessions are held via a secure video platform. This works beautifully and offers a similar experience to in-person. It also allows accessibility and flexibility for wherever you’re located. To learn more about me and my methodology of practice, please visit my About page.

What to Expect from Therapy

In your therapy sessions you'll have a safe space to gain the insights you need to optimize your life. Over time, you may feel freed from unhealthy attachments, emotional baggage, and negative patterns that have been preventing you from thriving. By bringing presence to yourself, you'll uncover and connect with your deeper experiences. You'll also access the wisdom that lives within your body (sensations, feeling, impulses), so that you better understand yourself as a whole Being. Through therapy, you can come to accept who you are and where you've been without exceptions.

Initial Session

This is where you begin to share your story and we get a sense of how I may be of service to you. Your current concerns, hopes, health history, lifestyle, and much more are often covered. By the end of this session, you'll have a clearer path forward.

Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up sessions are based on your needs and goals. There is no set formula for the frequency of sessions - this is determined near the end of each appointment. It's all about individualized care. We'll work together to customize your plan.

I believe you're the expert of your own life. My role is to listen, reflect, and engage - to help you deepen your understanding of and connection to yourself.



I came to Maria feeling very out of sorts. She welcomed me with her kindness. It felt like she understood exactly where I was coming from. I'm so grateful for her support.


Maria creates a safe space for both vulnerability and growth. Her sensitive attention to my mind, body, and spirit have had a holistic and profound impact on my life.


Maria is gentle and compassionate. I always felt accepted, not alone. She's also challenged me (just enough), and helped me see that there is much I can do to heal myself, no matter what I'm faced with. 


Maria is one of those rare people who is not only knowledgeable and very experienced, but also possesses the ability to deeply care and connect. I came away from my sessions feeling truly supported and empowered to be the healthiest and best person I can be.


Maria has helped me move through depression and come out the other side with so much insight, hope, compassion for myself, and tools to stay well. I will continue to see her whenever I need to and recommend Maria to anyone who is struggling to go it alone.


Maria has been so supportive of me and my health journey over the years. We've worked on anxiety, low mood, life changes and much more. She comes from a place of deep empathy and understanding, listens attentively, and always seems to locate strengths and gifts I didn't know I had.

Please note: writers changed their names to protect their privacy.

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