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Virtual therapy designed just for you.


Are You

Coping with stress or anxiety

Experiencing low mood or depression

Navigating the menopausal transition

You're Not Alone

When you need to feel seen, heard, and understood - my approach is always warm and collaborative.

How I Help


Coping with high stress or anxiety is too much. Too much thinking, worrying, and getting stuck in exhausting mental loops. Soothe your mind and body, so you can live life with more ease.


You just want to feel happy again. But it seems like nothing you've tried is working anymore. Feel better, find meaning, and reengage with your beautiful life.


This is a time of change. The range of symptoms and their impacts are unpredictable and can be daunting. Explore your unique experience, so you can meet your specific needs.

Hi, I'm Maria.
I've been a therapist for over 20 years. I understand how lonely and difficult mental health struggles can be. My goal is to help you slow down and reconnect with your inner wisdom, so you can make meaningful change. I have the experience, resources, and heart to help you.

You Matter

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Reaching out for support can feel intimidating. But nurturing your ability to self-heal is an essential step toward a lifetime of expansive personal potential. It's never too late to begin.

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Begin your healing journey

You want to feel well - to thrive! Sometimes you need help. We all do. But finding someone to trust can feel impossible, risky, scary. I will always create a safe and uplifting space for you. I believe you're the expert of your own life. My promise is to listen, reflect, and engage. To help you deepen your understanding of and connection to yourself. 

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Maria is one of those rare people who is both knowledgeable and experienced, who also deeply cares and connects. I always come away from my sessions feeling truly supported and empowered to be the healthiest and best person I can be.

– Steph

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