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You may be curious how mentorship can help you. Maybe you're thinking about working in health or education, but are unsure where to begin. You may be a student. You may be launching or transitioning your career. You may be an experienced practitioner seeking connection. No matter where you are, mentorship can give you the support you seek.


All sessions are virtual and offered with no commitment - designed to free flow with your needs. You can dive into areas you'd like to gain clarity on or need help with. To learn more about me and my scope of practice and experience, please visit my About page.


Mentoring can help you grow in any direction you wish. It can assist you with decision-making, problem solving, and confidence building. Mentorship can also be a way to hone or expand on the skills you've already developed.

I work with students and new practitioners in helping fields (counselling, coaching, teaching, teaching assistance, etc.), and experienced professionals seeking to up-level. My expertise lies in providing both emotional support and practical tools. Together, we'll identify and bridge the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be.


Each session will be curated to suit your specific intentions and goals. In your first session, we'll clarify your needs and hopes. Follow-up sessions will help you along your path. You can choose to book once, meet regularly, or on an as-needed basis. It's up to you.

Through mentorship you can  create a balanced life lived with intention and purpose.


Mentorship with the one and only Maria is life changing. As a new practitioner I was seeking guidance from a mentor who could share clinical and experiential wisdom. Maria offered these and more. She helped me navigate the different methodologies and affirm my unique perspectives and gifts. Session after session, I felt more solid in my work. I am now aligned and confident in my career. Maria's authentic way of working and living is a continual example to me.

– Laura

As a student I was feeling a bit lost and not sure about the path I was on. I was lucky enough to find Maria to mentor me. She shared valuable real-life knowledge, was super supportive, and totally responsive to all my questions. And she really, really listened. I came away from our time with both more clarity and things to ponder.

– Cathi

My mentoring session with Maria was awesome. I was looking at areas of work in the health space. Maria helped me organize all the ideas I had and was just so encouraging. I felt excited and empowered by the end of our session. I'll meet with Maria again along the path to my chosen profession.

– Leassa

I worked with Maria while I was finishing graduate school and starting a new role in my district. She helped me wade through all my questions and overcome my fears and insecurities. Knowing I can book with her any time means I'm never alone. Thank you, Maria!

– Gerry

After many years as a schoolteacher and counsellor I felt burnt out and in need of change. Mentoring sessions with Maria have positively impacted my health, happiness, purpose, relationships, and life! I cannot recommend her enough if you're facing a transition.

– Wendi

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