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Therapy For Menopause

When hormonal fluctuations make it hard to cope, let alone thrive.

Are You Experiencing

Poor sleep, night sweats, hot flashes

Fatigue, low drive, lack of focus

Mood swings, irritability, anxiety

Isolation, sadness, depression

And more

It's Possible To Feel Well

I can help you understand your unique experience, navigate these changes, and feel more serenity - and, even joy!

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You'll Have Personalized Support Every Step Of The Way


First, our sessions will be a respite. You can take a deep breath, let it all out, and take some time for you.


We'll get a sense of how this time of life is impacting you in all areas. And how you'd prefer things to be.


You'll learn how to manage your symptoms and minimize their effects on your daily life.


We will also create practices that nurture you and restore balance to your body, mind, and soul.


Through our sessions, you'll improve your relationship with yourself and your body. And up-level the overall quality of your life.

Each woman's journey through the menopausal transition is different. It can be a lonely and confusing time. In therapy you can talk openly about what you're going through.

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Maria creates a safe space for both vulnerability and growth. Her sensitive attention to my mind, body, and spirit have had a holistic and profound impact on my life.

– Kloe

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