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Therapy For Low Mood And Depression

When you're moody, flat, or plain unhappy and you don't know what to do.

Do You Feel

Empty or sad a lot of the time

More irritable than usual

Lower energy and focus

Disinterested in things you used to enjoy

Worthless, guilty, self-critical

It's Possible To Feel Happy And Hopeful

I can help you restore your mind and body, find meaning again, and reclaim your love of life.

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You'll Have Personalized Support Every Step Of The Way


First, our sessions will be a safe place. You can take a deep breath and kindly come to understand and accept yourself no matter what.


We'll start by helping you with your most urgent concerns, like finding useful coping strategies, and identifying unhelpful thoughts and habits.


Through guided conversations, we'll get a sense of how depression is impacting you. And how you want things to be different.


We will also create practices that nurture you, balance your energy and mood, and increase your happiness.


Over the course of our sessions, you'll make progress toward the life you really want, rather than one authored by depression.

In therapy you can come to know yourself better, feel more peaceful in your mind, and at home in your body.

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Maria has helped me move through depression and come out the other side with so much insight, hope, love for myself, and many practical tools to stay well. I'll continue to see her whenever I need to and recommend Maria to anyone who is struggling to go it alone.

– Natalie

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