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Envisioning Your Year

palo santo and smoke

Reflecting on how we want to move through our life is a powerful practice. This is especially true at the beginning of a new year. When we intentionally take time in stillness, we make room for growth.

We can imagine the ways we’d like to experience our world. How we want to feel. The connections we seek to have. What we want to contribute. And how to be present for all of it. To be fully in moments as they unfold.


When you envision yourself and your life in the months ahead, notice what stirs within you or comes to mind.

What are your hopes?

What visions appear?

What is calling to be felt, or healed, or let go?

How do you want to move through it all?


Take it slow as you ease into this new year. Allow yourself to become still. Let the noise subside. Become quiet. Listen. Wait for the knowledge, wisdom, or clarity you seek. When these come, let them inspire and guide you.

Coming to silence, we come to stillness. Coming to stillness, we become increasingly aware, not only of that which is still, but also of all that is not still. Paying attention to that which is still, that which is not still fades. Noise, movement, thoughts, memories, imaginations, fears, worries, senses, all settle and disappear into the backdrop of stillness, just as falling snowflakes settle and disappear into fallen snow, become snow.



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